6 Tips to Boost Your Twitter Conversations

6 Tips that can  Boost Your Twitter Conversations


Tips to Boost Your Twitter Conversations

Do you Use Social Media for your Business? If not start using it as It is not only a great sales tool but also help in Getting your website on top of google.

Are you struggling to build an engaging Twitter community?

Do you want to lead relevant conversations, but aren’t sure where to begin?

Standard auto-tweets aren’t going to cut it. Your top priority should be creating helpful, authentic interactions.

In this article I’ll tell you six ways you can start Twitter conversations and keep your followers’ attention.

#1: Make Your Twitter Profile More Inviting & Appealing

When someone is looking for you or your brand on Twitter, the first thing they’ll do is search for you, and then they’ll check out your profile. If you want more followers, this is their first stop, so make it pop!

Many of Companies have their profiles done in nice way and first thing that comes into mind after looking at those is ” Nice design”

SpareFoot is an example of a Twitter profile done right. They’ve humanized their brand by showing employees having fun in their creative office space.

twitter profile

Are your Twitter pictures and bio compelling enough to follow?

If you’re not sure, give it a quick test. Is your bio concise and clear about your brand’s purpose? Does it include keywords that flow naturally in the description? Do your background and profile picture convey the message you want associated with your brand?

You can include elements that encourage an emotional connection with any audience. What those elements are will depend on your niche.

Pro Tip: Clear out all of the clutter! Avoid using too many hashtags and don’t overdo it with links and text. 3 tags are sufficient.

#2: Add Enticing Visual Content

Ninety percent of information transferred through the brain is visual. If you want your messages to get attention, include photos and videos with your tweets as often as possible.

When Twitter added in-stream previews of images, it increased overall engagement. The more you invest in visual content, the more retweets, favorites and click-throughs you’ll see.

study by Buffer found that tweets with images get 150% more interaction.

Tips that can  Boost Your Twitter ConversationsPro TipRemember that images use up about 26 of your 140 characters. Make adjustments to your tweets as necessary.

#3: Insert Retweetable Words

Twitter only gives you 140 characters to capture your audience’s attention and convince them to jump into your conversation. Since your audience is already overloaded with social updates, the right words can make or break that connection.

To find those power words, Dan Zarella from HubSpot analyzed the top 10,000 most retweeted tweets. He found 20 words that have the most potential for capturing your audience’s attention and turning your tweets into actions.

See our Guide on what type of content get more shared on Twitter

Pro Tip: Want to get the most out of your tweets? Add pleasefreecheck outhow to or 10 to your tweets—those are a few of the top words Dan found to be most effective.


#4: Keep Tweets Short and Simple

Clear messages demand simplicity.

Some businesses try to squeeze as much text as possible into their tweets. The result? Their message isn’t properly conveyed. If you waste words, you’ll probably waste followers too.

A report by Bizztor that found that the ideal tweet is 100 characters or fewer.

#5: Ask Your Audience Questions

When you first meet new people, what do you do? You ask questions. What’s your name? What do you do? How did you like the keynote?

If you want to get people talking, ask them about themselves. Twitter users love to share their opinions, so why not give them a chance to express their feelings?

To keep things focused, stick to questions related to your niche. If your company sells shoes, ask your followers about the last pair of shoes they bought.

twitter tips

In the example above, Steve Madden stretched that advice a little bit. They posted a question about Saturday night, but paired it with a fabulous outfit featuring their shoes.

No matter how big or small your audience is, thank everyone who made the effort to answer your question. Show that there are real people behind your Twitter account and address everyone personally.

Pro TipKeep your questions conversational. Don’t talk to your followers like a robot, but like a friend.

#6: Share Curated Content

Excellent content will improve your engagement, but that doesn’t mean you have to dedicate all of your time creating it from scratch.

Collect and share interesting content from other sites with your audience. Talk about it from your point of view, apply a consistent voice and show that you’re an expert in your field.

Wells Fargo tweets out a mix of original content and valuable links from other sites. They identify with their audience’s needs and find content that addresses those needs.



Pro TipShare a mix of curated links and information along with original tweets to make you the go-to brand for your niche.

# Some Parting Thoughts

Twitter can be a struggle for any business, big or small. Getting back to basics can help you increase your follower count and overall interactions.

One of your first steps is creating an attention-worthy profile with compelling imagery. Anyone who stumbles across it should be able to get a sense of your company’s culture and products or services.

You may feel like you need to update your stream all of the time to keep up visibility, but if you don’t have a strong message, don’t tweet. Your followers won’t pay attention if your tweets lack authenticity and power.

Instead, focus on sharing intriguing visual content and stories that spark Twitter conversations around your brand or niche.

” we Offer Social Marketing Service staring from just €125 per Month, Get In Touch Today”

Below is Infographics Showing Best and Wrost Time for Social Conversation

Social Media Best Time Outreach

 Courtesy of: Safety Deposit Boxes Dublin

What do you think? Do you have advice about getting traction with Twitter conversations? What have your challenges been? Tell us in the comments.

6 Important Elements of a Great Blog Post

 6 Important Elements of a Great Blog Post

You already know that blogs are popular and that you should have one. But do you know what makes a great blog post? I am having an SEO Blog and writing to it from Years and learned a lot from that experience.

Sure, you’ve heard of things like having great educational content, but there must be more to writing a winning blog post than that, right?There is. From your unique voice to the design of your blog or even the words you use within your post – many factors affect how well your blog post will do.

In order to show you how to create a powerful blog post, Below is an infographic that outlines what you need to do.

writting great blogpost


With the help of these  steps in the infographic won’t be hard. Better yet, in the long run, implementing them will have a huge impact on your traffic. With this you will be able to get a Hugh amount of visitors to your website.

If you are going to start with one step, start with your voice. It’s a very important component of your success as a blogger.

What you think of the above post, Please share your views with comments below.


How to Use Social Media for Your Brand Awareness

How to Use Social Media for Your Brand Awareness 

You have many options when it comes to branding your business. Naturally, you might be wondering where you should start or what channels you should use to achieve the best results, right?

Sadly, there is no one answer because it varies from business to business. To help you out,I have shown an infographic that breaks down the 6 things you need to look at when building brand awareness for your business. The data  included in the infographic should make your marketing decisions a bit easier.

Make your Brand with Social Medua

If you are looking for a way to grow your business’s brand without spending a lot of time, I recommend that you start with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

In what other ways can you build brand awareness?

How to Generate Leads with Social Media

You’re already on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, but are you generating traffic from them? And, more importantly, are you generating leads?

One of the big misconceptions about social media sites is that they don’t drive quality visitors. Compared to outbound marketing, social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate.

How do you generate leads from the social web? In order to show you the steps you need to take,look at below  infographic that will break down the whole process.


Using Twitter Lead Generation Cards in Your Tweets for Free!

Capture Leads via Twitter for Free – 

Using Twitter Lead Generation Cards in Your Tweets for Free!

What is a LGC?  LGC = Lead Generation Card (specifically in Twitter)

A LGC in Twitter is a form that can be attached to your Tweet that allows your followers to directly send you their contact information with the click of a single button in Twitter. Here is an example of what a LGC looks like:

Here is a Tweet containing the LGC: ( I will go through this with one of my customer profile, Print365 )

Using Twitter Lead Generation Cards in Your Tweets for Free!

Here is what appears when an end user clicks “View details:”

twitter card

Notice how the box is pre-populated with your recipient’s email address, enabling them to click the Call to Action button and beam their contact information to you in a single click. Ooohh, Aaahhh…Très Nifty!

“But wait!” you say, “I don’t have any budget to pay for Promoted Tweets!”

Great! Neither do I! We have that in common!

The beauty of Twitter LGCs is that you can add a LGC to a regular non-promoted Tweet and it doesn’t cost you a single solitary penny.


It’s Free…that’s right….I said the F-word.

You can’t compose and publish the Tweet from your regular Twitter admin home page. You have to compose and send the Tweet from inside Twitter Ads. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Log in to Twitter
  2. Click the Setting Icon and select “Twitter Ads” from the drop down menu [Screenshot below




3.  Click on the “Creatives” Tab in the top Nav Menu in Twitter Ads and Select “Cards”


generate card


4.  Click “Create your first Lead Generation Cards” – Bonus: You Can have an unlimited number of cards! 


create lead generation card

Here’s what the form looks like:


create twitter card


You’ll need to make sure you have the link to your Website’s privacy policy handy. Plus you’ll need to have an alternative URL where end-users can visit a page to find out more about you and/or your offer. Other than that, all the dimensions you need or right there on the page. Very easy. Now save your card.

5.  Once your card is set up, click the “Tweets” tab, just to the left of the “Cards” tab. [Screenshot below] You can also get there by selecting “Tweets” in the “Creatives” drop down menu in the Top Nav.

compose new tweet

6.  Click the blue “Compose Tweet” button located in the upper right corner.

7.  Leave the default delivery setting set to Standard. Compose your tweet & Click the last icon on the right just below your “Tweet” box (when you scroll over it, it says “Attach a Card to This Tweet”)


Twitter cards for free


8.  Select the card you would like to attach to your Tweet.

9.  Send your Tweet!

That’s it. Now you can grab your favorite beverage, sit back in your chair and just watch the cash roll in. Okay, maybe not, but you did just manage to attach a lead generation mechanism to your Tweet without spending one red cent!

Now, once you have cards set up in your Twitter Ads account, the steps are even easier. All you will have to do in that case is log in to Twitter. Click “Twitter Ads” from your settings menu. Click “Tweets” under the “Creatives” drop down in the top Nav. Click the blue “Compose Tweet” button. Write your Tweet, select the card and voila!

But wait, there’s more!

So, you might be thinking, “Great! But how do I get notified that someone filled out a Twitter LGC? What do I do with that info?”

Along with getting free LGCs, you also get access to some pretty nice analytic data for Tweets sent from your Twitter Ads account. So, here’s how you track and download your leads:

  1. Navigate back to the “Card” Tab under “Creatives.”
  2. Next to the card corresponding to the leads you want to access, mouse over the white area right below the card’s URL ]
  3. Scroll over  “seemingly blank” area under the card, and “boom!” there is a set of four icons – select the right-most one


This will create a .csv export of all of the leads generated by that card, together with the date they were collected, the user’s Twitter ID, Name, Twitter handle and, most magical of all, their email address. (Insert harp music and glitter here).


Upload these into your favorite email program (we love Mailchimp!) or CRM and have at it! You can also read our small Business seo guide here


we Provide SEO Services and Social Media Marketing ( Starting at €125 only) Get in Touch


If you find this useful, Please do not forget to leave your comments with comment box under this post for your suggestions and feedback.


social share

Words That Get Content More Shared on Social Media

Words That Get Content More Shared on Social Media

Are you using social media to drive traffic to your website?  If yes, then You must be sharing lots of content over social media ( Twitter, facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and others).

Did you know that the words which you use within your content could drastically affect how much social media traffic you get? For example, if you want more Facebook traffic, then using words like “when,” “tell us,” “submit,” “deals,” and “discounts” can help you get more shares, likes and traffic to your site.

On the other side, if you use the words “contest,” “promotion,” or “coupon” on Facebook, you’ll actually get fewer shares and likes and less traffic.

In order to help you determine what words you should use and what words you should avoid using on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, I am sharing an infographic that breaks down desirable and undesirable word usage on each of these social media platforms.


Words That Get Content More Shared on Social Media



You may not believe that changing a word or two can affect social media traffic, but it really can. Just look at sites like Upworthy. They’ve done extremely well because of their titles.

If you are looking for more social media traffic, combine the words you see in the infographic above with the headline ideas within this blog post.

What other words can help you drive more social media traffic?

How to remove bad links from your website

How to remove bad links from your website

how to remove bad linksBeing as a SEO my work is to make quality content for readers in my market niche and acquire high quality back links from by getting shared the quality work by others.

But as the internet is a big things and there are lots of people around who to get their website rank very quickly and in this hurry they make links to the website which google calculate as spam.

Following may be the main reasons your website get bad back links:

1. Your SEO had made links to your website from low quality websites. ( not followed the google webmaster guide )

2. Somebody else had created spam links for your website

Now when we see that our website is having links form spammy domains and we want to remove those to be considered for our website, then follow the following simple steps.

Step 1: Find which websites are linking back to you

This is the first step you need to do, login to your webmaster tool.

Now open your website profile in webmaster, then go to links to your site under search traffic tab:

webmaster screenhot

Now click on the more>> ( just above how your data is linked).

Now Click on the first tab, Download this table, and select csv option, this will download an cs file ( you can open this with excel), this file will show you the domains and no of links form those to your website.

Now You need sort the domains which you think are spammy and you want google not to consider those.

Create a txt file in the notepad and place the domains there ( you want to get rid off).

Now also download the pages links where your website link is by clicking the download sample links tab.

Step 2: Submitting Link Removal Request to webmaster:

email webmasterNow go to each domain and check for the contact email there, Now write an email for your email address on domain ( like [email protected])

Ask the webmasters to remove the links with a request in first line, I will not advise to threat them for google penalty or legal action because

In most cases, you (or your SEO agency) has created these backlinks on the spammy websites, so don’t blame the people that host the spam websites for your penalty. You broke the rules by creating unnatural anchor text links, so don’t blame the 19-year-old kid in dublin that used you for ad clicks on his PR2 domain “social media” backlink link farm. You did it.

If you have the log-in info, simply log in and change the anchor text or delete the link if possible. More likely than not, you won’t be able to delete the link yourself.


you can use the following template for sending the removal request to webmaster:

Hi there,

Hope you are doing great, My name is  ( your name) and I am contacting you on behalf of  ( website name), I am trying to remove some backlinks pointing to my website, [INSERT YOUR URL HERE]. I would really appreciate your help in removing this link. Here is the info…

My website is linked on your website here: [LINK TO THE PAGE WHERE THE BAD LINK EXISTS]
It points to this URL on my website: [INSERT THE URL THE BAD LINK IS POINTING TO]
And it uses this anchor text: [INSERT ANCHOR TEXT HERE]

If you could please send a confirmation note letting me know that the link has been removed, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance! I hope to hear from you soon.



This template is requesting and have more chances that these guys will remove your links from their website.


Step 3: Submitting Link Removal Request to Google with (Disavow tool )

When you tried contacting webmasters for link removal and some of the links are not removed by the them, so in this case you can use Google disavow tool to submit request to google ).

google disavow toolNow Choose your website from the drop down ( it will show you the website linked to your google webmaster tool).

In next step you need to create a notepad file, the one which you used in very first step with domain name.Now put your domain name in that file like as shown below ( domain:domain1.com ), use a line on top starting with # to say that you had finished the first steps to get the spammy links removed.

google disavow tool txt



Now, I know what you are thinking. Why can’t I just disavow all of my bad links and skip sending emails to people asking them to remove the links? Well, Google wants you to first ask people to remove the links before using the disavow tool.

I’ve seen webmasters skip the emailing part and start disavowing all of their bad links. It’s rare that their sites climb back in the rankings when they do this.

So, make sure you email websites to remove the bad links before using the disavow tool. 

Hope the above will help you to increase your website ranking in google and gt back you on track again. If you are looking for a free seo audit, Please send your audit request Now.

 If you have some other useful information that can help reader, please share it now using the comment box below.

Search Engine Optimization Pricing – How much will it cost Me?

Search Engine Optimization Pricing


“All I’m asking is how much you charge for SEO services!” – “Why can’t you just give me a straight answer?” – Most asked questions to SEO companies from new leads.  

As an SEO consultant, almost every client asks me a similar question. My answer is always the same. “It depends. On many things. Because SEO is not a turn-key solution you plug in to play.”

search engine optimization pricing


How Much Search Engine Optimization Cost ? – this is the question that comes into every one’s mind before starting with SEO, While keeping this fact in Mind I am writing this post.

Hope this will give you a rough idea how search engine service cost works and what is the amount good to pay to seo company.


What is your Budget for SEO?:

seo agencyWhile allocating marketing budget everyone want to save their money on SEO and think that this is simply cheap option, But always looking to save money on SEO can be harmful for companies.

Here I am not saying that you can not get SEO service for €200- €400, Yes you can off course, but only If you are a small company with 5- 10 keywords to target. Because your market is small and competition fr the keywords is less so less work is needed to be done.

So with this Budget SEO Consultant will spend 15 -20 Hours and you will get very good results.

For Example Our Starter SEO Plan is €199 only for small business ( But again we will look at your site first)


Simple ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronze’ packages don’t work for SEO. SEO isn’t something you install or plug in to your website. It’s not a ‘one-time’ operation. Good SEO is a process. Research and planning are critical components of it

1. SEO Is Like an Iceberg:

iceberg imageSome People says SEO is dead and no more useful, But as per me and Most of other experts will agree that SEO is like iceberg ( which have around 85% of it hidden under water), SEO is also the same thing.

You just can not focus on getting Higher ranking very quickly, Some people in industry can bring your website in top position very quickly using the different techniques, But those processes are not always right and you may have to face consequences of those in Next Google update.

In today’s competitive online arena, SEO cannot be relegated to the status of a secondhand job any longer.

It is not a trivial task to be handed over to a friend or distant cousin who knows how to “fix it”. It shouldn’t be put off until the site is ready to launch. SEO should be the first thing to focus on. And there’s a reason for this.

See the onsite seo checklist here 


2. Starting with SEO is Like Buying a car

Big GiftIf I ask you, How much I cost to buy a car. Your Answer probability will be “It depends, it depends upon which car I am buying, what are my requirements.

This is same for SEO, SEO prices upon several factors.

SEO services also range in price depending on what you want from it. The best SEO strategy begins by evaluating needs and problems of your prospective clients. It then deploys SEO as a magnet to attract only the most relevant leads out of the vast ocean of online Web surfers.

SEO is also not about “fixing” things. Viewing SEO as a quick fix for reduced sales or traffic is a big mistake. You’ll only end up leaving money on the table (a lot of it!)

Good SEO must deliver a huge ROI. It is not just about getting high rankings and more traffic, clicks and page views. It’s about converting those visitors into paying customers. What happens before the landing page has a major impact on conversion rates.

SEO consulting of high caliber will help you:

– find your customers’ intent, needs and pressing problems
– identify their expectations from your business or website
– decide how you will deliver value (on the landing page)
– uncover areas of profitability
– pick triggers that convert visitors into customers
– personalize the experience for each visitor

Getting all these elements of SEO right takes a lot of time. Knowing where to begin for the best, fastest results will takes tremendous research. But the investment is worthwhile, because it will earn you a high return.

That’s why SEO should never be viewed as a cost. It’s an investment. One that pays off for a long time.

3. SEO Is Like a Dam – Open Flood Gates & Traffic Just Keeps Flowing


As the Heading describing itself that seo is like a dam and it will keep sending traffic to your website in Long term.

Dams across massive rivers store water. Think about search engines like Google as huge dams that store your targeted visitors, and your listing on SERPs (search engine results pages) as holes in the dam. Punch enough of them, and you’ll be drowned in a flood of traffic!

That’s a great reason to start optimizing your website right now – and not take it in small steps, but go for a massive overhaul.

No matter what niche you are involved in, there are ‘evergreen’ search phrases with the potential to drive a large amount of traffic to your website for years. And this traffic is free! It will continue without any dent in your ongoing or proposed marketing budget.

But optimizing just one page on your website will only deliver one extra traffic stream. What if you opened the flood gates?

Why Not get a free SEO Audit and Quotation Now


So, at END What Does SEO Cost?

how much seo costIf you’ve been watching closely, you’ll notice that I still haven’t answered  initial question…  What does SEO cost?

I’ll stick to the same response. It depends.

How high are you willing to jump? How fast are you going to run? I need to know this if I am to estimate how much energy and resources you’ll need.

Pricing SEO is equally difficult. It is complex. There are many rich opportunities. Several external factors and ranking signals skew the scenario further. And then, there’s the natural skepticism of a client to overcome.

Is SEO too good to be true?  Are SEO consultants snake oil salespeople who are out to trick and cheat you?

Yes, there are charlatans and cheats out there, and you ought to keep your eyes open and your feet firmly on the ground.

But any Internet marketing manager or business owner who is still not taking SEO seriously should consider stepping down. Because, let’s face it… the most dangerous person is yourself! Especially if you’re a frugal penny pincher looking for cheap results. Remember, in SEO as with life, you reap what you sow!

Get Free SEO Audit and Quotation Now

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Thanks for Reading my post on What is search engine optimization pricing ( cost). Hope the above article will make it clear in your mind that what it cost and how will it affect your business.

If you have other opinions on it we would like to hear form you.

How to Get More People Talking About Your Business on Facebook

How to Get More People Talking About Your Business on Facebook



Robert Reimann watched the second plane hit the South Tower of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001 and then observed as his office nearby destroyed as the towers fell. Then he did something few Americans considered at the time: He took a bike tour across Iran.

“I wanted to see a Muslim country and see what people in that part of the world were actually thinking vs. what the press was reporting,” he says. “So I got my way into Iran and rode through there with a New York Cycle Club jersey on.”

The trip had an unexpected effect on Reimann’s vocation. A former banker and CEO of a mobile publishing company, Reimann moved to Germany and, in 2009, founded BikeSherpa, a company that arranges bike tours in Europe “with a special expertise in beer-based travel in Germany, the Czech Republic and Belgium.” BikeSherpa has respectable 1,000 or so fans on Facebook, but Reimann says he’s more interested in forging a deeper connection with his existing fans than cultivating new ones.

“I’d like to increase the relationships I have with my customers,” Reimann says “I’d like to increase my fan base, but I feel that if I’m not having a meaningful relationship with them, it doesn’t bring me much.”

To help him achieve his goal, Mashable hooked Reimann up with Shane Johnston, a social media marketing consultant on our Mashable‘s Small Business Panel. The panel of consultants are paired with small businesses to see how their “social makeover” advice plays out in the real world.


Johnston’s assessment was that BikeSherpa’s Facebook engagement was low indeed. The Page had a PTAT of 4. BikeSherpa’s average post meanwhile reached 8%-18% of its fan base and was “mostly on the low end of that range,” he says. The brand also has barely any email list of customers and “no email autoresponder campaign sequences have been established for the email list.” But Johnston believes that BikeSherpa has a lot going for it. It has a self-guided e-tour mobile app that he calls “fantastic” and is in a fun category, though there’s lots of competition.

Johnston has a plan to increase BikeSherpa’s PTAT and beef up its email list. First, he suggests that Reimann install a Fan Reviews app on BikeSherpa’s Facebook Page plus an “automated follow up sequence to move prospects from leads to customers” and to move them off social media and onto email. Johnston also says that the business should follow a structured and scheduled posting and engagement plan and vary the types of posts to attempt to “attract the ideal fan.” Since Robert and his partner Anna are on the road a lot during the business’s busy season, Johnston says he can update with photos and videos from the road instead of trying to type up something at the end of the day. “Ideas for content would be the obvious such as actual tour shoots and places of interest but also raw and real stuff like customers chatting live on tour about what they liked best and how much fun they are having, to interviewing the bartender or beer maker on the beer tours,” Johnston says.

Finally, Johnston says BikeSherpa should run a contest giving away a bike tour and the mobile app. The contest is still weeks away. Reimann has earmarked $500 for the effort, which he intends to spend on Facebook advertising. Johnston recommends a Page Post Ad with a graphic image and a video with a call-to-action link to either the pre-launch opt-in or to a contest landing page, “depending on what phase we’re in.”

With the contest, Reimann hopes to hit a PTAT of 200 to 500 — a big increase over the current one.


Twitter New profile redesign – Is it like Facebook or G+

Twitter New profile redesign – Is it like Facebook or G+

Twitter is testing a major profile redesign that’s very reminiscent of Facebook and Google+.

I today  spotted  a huge update to my Twitter profile page, with the main picture and bio scaled to the left and significantly more real estate dedicated to the header photo.

twitter-new look


The revamped tweet stream is also a departure from its signature look. There is a greater focus on photos and content cards. It moves away from a strictly vertical timeline too.

It’s common for Twitter to quietly test new features and design updates before tweaking or rolling it out to a larger user base. Experiments typically go out to a small, random pool of users.

Under the header photo in the test is the count for tweets, photos/videos (a new category called out on the profile), who you are following, followers, favorites and lists. Although SEO IRELAND isn’t verified on the site, there’s an option for the stream to show “Tweets” and “Tweets and replies” for every user — a feature typically reserved for those with the blue check mark. See Below for Irish Rugby

irish rugby

Be Ready For New size

The recommended header photo size in the test version is 1500 x 500 pixels, up from 1252 x 626 in the current design, so users with the new design will want to switch their picture so it doesn’t look stretched

Twitter followers


What you think on New View

What is your opinion on this,  Do you think Twitter should roll out this to all accounts or not. Is it a copy of facebook and Google+.

What your views are?